Sports Betting Guide for Noobs

Are you new to the sports gambling space?  There can be a lot of confusion around what everything means.  If you don’t know the difference between the pointspread and a spread offense, we’re here to help.  We found an awesome how-to gambling site this week and we think everyone should know about it. is the leader when it comes to educating the general public on statistics and basic trends with gambling, particularly in the sportsbook.  The site is run by two statistics geeks who run numbers pretty much all day to give you the edge. The kicker, they offer their picks for free.  All they ask is that you subscribe to their email list!

The site covers the MLB, NBA, World Cup, NFL, NHL, and even politics.  They even have articles covering the possible impeachment of Donald Trump and what Las Vegas thinks about the chances of a new president.

When it comes to betting analysis, there really is no better choice than  Make sure to check out their MLB daily picks. If you are questioning which sportsbook might be for you, the company takes an in depth look at some of the plusses and minuses in their top online sportsbook review section.

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